Executive Coaching

Personally Tailored to Your Genius

Business womanGreat athletes wouldn’t think of training for the Olympics without a coach.

In fact, think about someone you admire — a personal coach may be their best-kept secret!

According to a 2001 MetrixGlobal study, there was a 529 percent increase to significant financial and intangible benefits for a Fortune 500 company as a result of executive coaching; a return of more than $5 for every $1 spent. Who wouldn’t want those kinds of results?

Using an executive coach can be one of the most valuable investments an individual or company can make. Executive Coaching increases the effectiveness of individuals and as a result, the organization benefits. Coaching may help retain critical management and other top performers. Organizations often find they have more effective communications and working relationships with their teams. Another great benefit in many cases is improved customer service. And of course, the bottom line – one of the biggest reasons coaches are hired – to increase revenues and achieve their goals.

Coaching is about maximizing potential. Executive coaching can make a significant difference to a business and to an individual. It is about partnering to create positive, sustainable change. Coaching works because it focuses on what is most important to you, bringing your individual needs, values, beliefs, goals, and vision into the forefront and aligning them. A good coach is trained to help you discover answers and make great decisions with focus, purpose, and clarity—thus helping you get results faster and with less stress!


beach running


“It’s nearly impossible
to do something and
watch yourself do it
at the same time!”
~ L Murphy


What to Look for When Considering Executive Coaching

Results Oriented – Look for a coach that will provide measurable results. Many coaches offer testing services and reporting. This ensures that everyone is on track and that the desired effect is being achieved.

Organizational Dynamics – There will always be politics, hierarchy and dynamics within organizations, so knowing how to deal with these effectively are one of the things that separate the good coaches from the great ones. A coach must be prepared to work not only with an individual, but with an organization as a whole. Though the individual will obviously benefit from the coaching, many times an organization that is under-performing will utilize executive coaching to focus on the goals and the ultimate success of the company. Organizational “fit” of a coach to an organization is essential.

A Code of Ethics -Because of the sensitive nature of 
Executive Coaching, there could be potential ethical issues that may arise. It goes without saying that coaches are generally given access to classified information, so integrity and confidentiality are paramount in this position.

Ultimately, a good executive coach is a great listener who can help an executive see him- or herself more clearly. This person can point out certain patterns of behavior that keep occurring, and work with the executive to change these limiting beliefs and systems.