LeaderSpeak Book

7 Conversations That Create

Sustainable Success

LeaderspeakIt’s easy to see the differences between great leaders and also-rans. Some leaders inspire awe while others seem forever awkward. Some arouse followership, while others distance themselves from the very people they’re supposed to direct. And while some consistently create results, others careen to-and-fro in pursuit of the latest fads and false promises.

The differences are obvious. But what creates those differences? Where does great leadership come from? Why do some succeed where many others fail? The answers will surprise you, and forever enhance the way you lead.

LeaderSpeak presents a new leadership paradigm focused not just on what a leader does, but also on who a leader is. LeaderSpeak reveals that great leaders aren’t just the people who possess the most information or degrees from prestigious institutions. Great leaders are people who have perfected the art of aligning who they are with what they say, and what they do in the world with a sense of their responsibility to others.

Finally, LeaderSpeak is a practical guide to bringing out the very best in yourself while allowing the best in others to flourish, too. If you’ve wondered what you can do to get your people functioning at the highest possible level, look no further. LeaderSpeak asks the right questions and leaves you with answers that will revolutionize your role as a leader both now and throughout your career.

You Will Never Lead The Same Way Again

Drawing on proven techniques from such diverse fields as:
  • finance,

  • theater,

  • marketing,

  • physics,

  • social networks, and

  • high tech,

Doctor Murph’s unique and time-tested process is easy to understand, simple to use, and lastingly effective

You’ll learn how to:

  • Bring out the best in yourself and others through the power of courageous conversations
  • Make small shifts in your perspective to produce huge improvements in performance
  • Harness your own courage and build on your strengths to create lasting results
  • Be successful on your own terms while freeing others to do the same


About the Author

Lucia Murphy, PH.D.,
also known as “Doctor Murph”,

is a leading authority on employee productivity and sustainable leadership practices. Leveraging her expertise from over 20 years of corporate and academic experience, Doctor Murph has developed an integrated approach that is more realistic than purely conceptual or academic solutions, more evidence-based than the latest management “silver bullet.” She has inspired and developed leaders in Fortune 500 corporations, world-class academic institutions and innovative business interests of all sizes. She fully understands the urgent, get-it-done-now realities facing today’s leadership, and provides solutions that meet the needs of both leaders and those whom they lead.

It’s not just talk.
It’s an action plan for
sustainable success