Raving Fans

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.  — Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

What people are saying about the Doctor Murph experience:

Our investment in Doctor Murph has paid off!

Board resources are always rare, which is especially true when you are talking about gathering people from all over the continent to work together. We had decided to have Dr. Lucia Murphy help us design an alignment between our mission and operations for one full day of our precious meeting time. Together we got very clear about our vision and mission and created a decision-making tool to help us get focused about our conversations and the projects we would agree to undertake.

Frankly, we were all concerned as to how we would fit two days’ of Board meeting business into one day. Although we thought we’d be meeting until 10 pm the second day to make up for lost time, we were pleasantly surprised that we were finished at 4pm. It worked! We were able to work together so much more effectively and efficiently following the training. We have incorporated what we learned into subsequent meetings, and are finding similar results as well. Our investment in Doctor Murph has paid off

Becky LaFountain, Executive Director
North American Society of Adlerian Psychology

Impeccable Credentials

Doctor Murph is an outstanding business and executive coach. She understands the importance of finding and showcasing the very best in others — their perspectives, gifts, talents and skills. She does not have to offer cookie-cutter approaches with one-size-fits-all programs.   She has impeccable credentials that speak to her ability to help her clients. I just love her and trust her with every aspect of my business and personal life, without exception!

Lucia Murphy is Awesome!

Lucia Murphy is awesome. I had breakthrough after breakthrough as she coached me through my blocks. Her depth and breadth as a coach is exceptional and is truly a gift. It’s just what is needed to navigate through life’s challenges. Choosing to coach with Lucia is choosing to change your life!

Dr. Peggy Marshall, Ph.D.
The Imago Performance Improvement Group

You Won't Find A Better Coach

Susan Meyer

I think of Doctor Murph as Captain Courageous. She gently but relentlessly has pushed me forward to be courageous in my business and personal development. Lucia has a wide range of very practical tools, a vast library of resources, a great sense of how to create a solid infrastructure, and a wonderful, witty, wise and warm way of helping her clients move forward. With her guidance and support, I’ve created two new product lines and have learned to acknowledge my own gifts. If you are ready to jump off that cliff and soar into greatness, you can’t find a better coach to serve as your guidance system!

Susan R. Meyer, Coaching & Consulting

Part of My Business Has Tripled in The Last Six months!

When I started working with Lucia, I was looking for help getting a clear direction about how to grow my business. We quickly hit it off, and, much to my surprise, she was able to recognize talents and gifts in me and my approaches that I had never considered. As she communicated her confidence in me, my own confidence and success grew. We worked together to craft new ways to talk about what I love to do, and found new places to bring my message. We made what I thought would be relatively minor changes in one of my materials, and, that part of my business has tripled in the last six months! What’s more, it has brought people into my business that I had always wanted to work with.

I recommend Doctor Murph. She knows how to leverage what’s powerful in her clients!


Business Expert Approach To Success!

When I started working with Doctor Murph, I had lots of great ideas, but was bumping into myself rather than taking any actions to get products out in the marketplace. Doctor Murph has been instrumental in helping me get clarity around my business strategies. Her understanding of what it takes to be successful in business, plus her use of methods that were designed just for me, have helped me set up a business that reflect the best of me! I would recommend her Business Expert approach to success!

Arlene Kaplan, Owner Wealth Builder Workshops
Investment Education Programs for Wealth Building