When Life Throws You an Unexpected Curve

| February 25, 2021

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It’s impossible to out-guess The Universe.

We enter into a situation for all of the right reasons: A challenge. Something new. To help a friend. To lend a hand. But it didn’t turn out like you’d envisioned it. What next?

  • Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Be kind to yourself.
  • Fix what you can, if anything. Never leave a situation worse for your having been involved. Make a referral. Write a note. Send flowers.
  • Learn what you missed. Write it down. You want to be sure you recognize a similar situation again… from a distance this time.

Then move on…

The ability to bounce back is called “resilience.” It’s called “learning.” It takes courage, but I know it’s in you.

Congratulations – You’re human!

PS – It’s going to make a great story some day :)

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